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About Us

“I believe that we all have dreams and want to believe that deep inside our souls we have a special gift and are here in this earth for something bigger. I believe that the size of that dream, desire or goal doesn’t matter if that is also what you truly believe deep down inside. When is your calling, you know it. I believe that we are all here to make a difference, that all of us have special gift to offer to this world, that we can touch other people in special ways so that we can all make this world a better place. I believe that true happiness starts when everything we do, think and feel comes from a place of gratitude and contribution, not acquisition.” – Carlos Siqueira

Brief Biography

“The days that break you, are the days that make you.
Never forget where you come from.” -Carlos Siqueira

Carlos Siqueira is a high-performance consultant, mentor, master coach, and inspirational speaker. He has mentored several thousand coaches, authors, speakers, consultants, entrepreneurs and individuals worldwide, from all backgrounds. He helps his clients creating a powerful message to market match, structuring mind blowing keynotes, build their elevator pitch, sell high ticket programs, put together high end masterminds, sell private retreats, overcome their challenges, redefine their way of thinking, and achieve previously unattainable success.

Siqueira started from the most humble of beginnings—selling bread off the back of his bicycle in his native country Brazil. He was surrounded by poverty and violence daily, but it never stopped him from dreaming and thinking big.

At age 18 Carlos and his mother immigrated to America with only $800 between them. But only a few short years later Siqueira become a top sales executive at a Fortune 100 company. He was an elite president’s club member and delivered 250% of his sales goals each year.

But after a personal situation caused Siqueira to re-evaluate his life, he quit his position as a very successful executive sales and became a coach and speaker to save his family.

Since striking down this new path, he has trained and worked with some of the most notable speakers, consultants, authors, and coaches in the industry.

Notably, his mentors include Tony Robbins, Les Brown, among the best consultants in the world.

Siqueira takes all he learns from his mentors and peers and combines it with his own wisdom to help others live happier, more successful lives.

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Carlos (The Overweigh Wolverine aka Disruptive Accountability Mentor) & Glenn (Xavier aka The Professor)